06 April 2011

Then She Thinks About Her Life: Cate does a Song a Day

I decided for the next 30 days of blogging, I am going to be doing a song meme. I love music, as you know, so this is right up my alley. Plus it will give me something focused to blog about :) The rules are to post a song per day matching the description. I will still be doing regular blog posts, but just making sure I include a song in each. I'm also not promising these 30 days are going to be consecutive. I also have a life. ;)

After the break, I provided a list of all the descriptions, for reference, and in case you want to do this yourself. I suppose you could also just list the songs all at once, the one-song-a-day thing is just how I found it.

So day one: your favourite song. I have a few, but for this I am going to say "Meet Virginia" by Train. I love this song because it's fun and I love how he is able to catch Virginia's personality with all of his off-the-wall seemingly random descriptions, but mainly because of this one line: he's describing Virginia and says she "smokes a pack a day... oh wait that's me, but anyway." I love this, because it's kind-of hard to catch just casually listening to it, but it's so accurate. When you love someone and you spend tons of time with them - and it doesn't have to be romantic love - you kind-of start to harmonize. You are two separate people, but you share things and it's hard to remember who started it first. Or who really talks like that. Like Colleen and one of her friends both write their 7s with the line through the middle. She doesn't know who did it first, but one of them did, and then the other copied, and then the first person stopped, but did it again when she saw the other person doing it, and the whole cycle started again... or I was trying to remember something my coach said and wanted to say she had said "she was like... [quote]" but I remembered my coach doesn't really talk like that; she would actually say "she said" and I would say "she was like". Little things like that. You don't even notice it but soon you are so in sync that you don't know where one person stops and the other begins. Sometimes that can be unhealthy, but sometimes it's really, really good. It's nice to know you are that intermeshed with someone.

01 April 2011

Trying So Hard Not to Get Caught Up...

This video is perfection... two of my favourite musical things ever. Taylor Swift + ukelele = LOVE. Plus a little Jason Mraz and Train thrown in just to make me love it even more! (Oh, and if you thought Taylor can't sing live: I normally agree, but she's really good in this video. I suspect she took voice lessons over the past year or two, because all her live videos for Speak Now seem to be a lot better than in the past. But this one is especially good!)

I hope she does this at the concert we are going to!

Moving on from my Taylor Swift obsession. A bunch of us are together this weekend for a conference. Harper, Kailey and I are going to do something fun. We're thinking of going to see a movie, or even just renting one. Unfortunately, Omaha has no oceans, so I can't start my surfing lessons with Kailey yet ;) We keep trying to invite this girl, Elizabeth, who is one of Emily's friends from school. She keeps saying she'll think about it but can't tell us for sure until then. I'm trying to be understanding, but it's kind-of hard to plan this way. I don't really know what's up with her. She seems really shy, but otherwise, I don't know why she would say that unless she is waiting on someone else's invitation (which would be pretty rude). She's also really rich... and her behaviour just seems pretty snobby to me. OK, Sam would tell me that sounds petty (since Sam is a princess and is by default also rich), but why can't she commit? Any ideas?

PS: This is Cate. I'm on Harper's computer.