01 April 2011

Trying So Hard Not to Get Caught Up...

This video is perfection... two of my favourite musical things ever. Taylor Swift + ukelele = LOVE. Plus a little Jason Mraz and Train thrown in just to make me love it even more! (Oh, and if you thought Taylor can't sing live: I normally agree, but she's really good in this video. I suspect she took voice lessons over the past year or two, because all her live videos for Speak Now seem to be a lot better than in the past. But this one is especially good!)

I hope she does this at the concert we are going to!

Moving on from my Taylor Swift obsession. A bunch of us are together this weekend for a conference. Harper, Kailey and I are going to do something fun. We're thinking of going to see a movie, or even just renting one. Unfortunately, Omaha has no oceans, so I can't start my surfing lessons with Kailey yet ;) We keep trying to invite this girl, Elizabeth, who is one of Emily's friends from school. She keeps saying she'll think about it but can't tell us for sure until then. I'm trying to be understanding, but it's kind-of hard to plan this way. I don't really know what's up with her. She seems really shy, but otherwise, I don't know why she would say that unless she is waiting on someone else's invitation (which would be pretty rude). She's also really rich... and her behaviour just seems pretty snobby to me. OK, Sam would tell me that sounds petty (since Sam is a princess and is by default also rich), but why can't she commit? Any ideas?

PS: This is Cate. I'm on Harper's computer.


  1. Bonsoir encore!
    Taylor, Melanie, and Amanda (and Lilly...I had no idea she was a fan) share "thanks" for sharing for this. They are obsessed (and probably jealous that you get to go to the concert) with Taylor. Melanie and Amanda like the "I'm Yours" and "Hey Soul Sister"-sounding parts. I can't say I'm familiar with the three, but it's neat how Taylor mixed the songs together.
    I'll trade you Elizabeths! The Elizabeth I know is completely obnoxious and loud, as are her clothes. She's nice enough and means well; she just needs to calm down.
    Maybe she is just extremely shy and does not feel like she knows you enough yet? Or maybe she's just spontaneous? "I believe in time and chance, because I'm not one for making plans..."- line from "See You in Another Life" by Miley Cyrus...I couldn't help but think of it. :)

  2. Hi! It's Lilly! :)
    Ignore Sabine and her Miley talk. I, for one, despise Miley, Justin Bieber, and whomever else is popular with elementary school girls and makes them squee with high-pitched, squeeky delight! I love Taylor Swift (but not like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry). The only Train song I really like is "If It's Love", but I think Taylor did a nice job of mixing in "Hey Soul Sister" and Jason's song.
    Hmm...Elizabeth...I'd ask her up front if I have done anything to her or if anything's bugging her. IDK. I just don't want people to dislike me for no particular reason. Or...what if somebody already invited her to do something and she doesn't want to say that? Or, she could just be like Melanie. :/ Melanie's a strange one, and I have been doing extensive research on her. And wow. Wow. Wow. Anyway, she ditched Sabine and me for Taylor and Amanda. I like Tay and Amanda, but I feel like Mel hates me or something. I need to piece my research together...she's as confusing as the French language!
    Lilly <3


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