31 March 2011

Knock, Knock

Do you have anyone in your life who is always there for you? I have a few people like that. Two are my parents. I think I am closer to my parents than a lot of other people my age, because I spent a lot of time with them as a kid. I was seriously ill, so I kind-of had to. A lot of the time they were the only people available to hang out with. I was also homeschooled by my dad, so we are especially close. Another person in my life like that is my coach, Coach OH!. I have known her since I was probably 8 or 9. Well, I did before that, but that's when I started taking private lessons with her. You can't spend probably 20+ hours a week with a person every day for over 10 years and NOT be close. Well, you could, but you might go crazy. Coach OH! is probably the person I trust most of all in my life. She always has the best advice. Oh and she always has this secret pizza stash in her office. Do not tell anyone. We skaters are supposed to eat healthy ;)

Right now, the person I am closest to at school is my new friend Harper. Harper and I started out kind-of rocky. We both want to be doctors... actually we both want to be pediatric hematologist-oncologists. So we were always competing. We have a crazy amount of things in common like favorite artists, fashion style, and medical histories. It's the last part that made our friendship take so long to happen, I think, but also the thing that makes us closest. I mean, it's kind-of scary to meet someone who knows everything you've been through and open up to them when you haven't before. Before I met Harper, I didn't really have any friends who knew what my life was like first-hand. (Actually, I did at one point: kids from my unit, but I lost touch with most of them when I got back to my normal life.) It's kind-of nice to have someone who understands if you are feeling like crap one day with one of your weird problems and doesn't get mad at you for not wanting to hang out after class. I am on this medication that is very routine-dependent. Yesterday, I slept through my alarm and ended up taking it two hours late when I got back from class. My stomach was upset all day and I was really achy... I felt like I had the flu. At least I didn't forget entirely. When I was sailing, it was really hard to keep a routine and my side effects got really bad. Luckily, if it's a one-time deal, they usually do only last the one day. And I have my secret stash of pills to combat the side effects, but my doctor doesn't want me taking them unless I really need to.

Anyway I made this post because I promised a picture of me and Harper in our new(ish) clothes. Harper is wearing a red trenchcoat and pink leggings made from Liberty Jane patterns. I'm wearing black leggings from LJ patterns, and a jacket and shirt from AG that are also new. Oh and my favorite shoes ever. My eyes look kind-of wonky. I'm probably an alien or something.

Did you notice Harper got glasses? She has had reading glasses for awhile, but she's been getting headaches and found out her vision switched to be nearsighted. Go figure. See, these are the types of weird problems we have in common. Except my vision is worse; Harper's is only in one eye and she doesn't really need the glasses unless her eyes are giving her headaches. I am permanently nearsighted and I'm practically blind without them. I had contacts for skating, but I don't really like the way they feel enough to wear them every day.

It's getting to be crunch time around here. Harper and I are applying for medical school in only a few months. We are trying to get letters of recommendation but have the opposite problems: I am a physics major and don't know any humanities professors very well, and Harper is an English major and doesn't know any science professors that well. It should be okay though, because I'm sure not everyone has 3 letters by people who know you really, really well. Colleen promised to buy us blue scrubs like on Grey's Anatomy if we get accepted, so I really, really need to get accepted. Don't you think Harper looks a little bit like Meredith Grey?

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  1. Bonsoir, Cate!
    To answer the question, oui- I have a few people in my life who are always there for me. Julien, Gérard, Aurélie, mon père, ma grand-mère (mom's side), mon grand-père (before he died), and my aunt Françoise. Quite a long list, je sais, but in France, we value our strongest relationships and expand upon them for lifelong friendships...especially in the northern regions, where we are indoors more.
    I'm happy that you have a friend like Harper. She sounds like she could be a great lifelong friend. I have yet to find somebody with whom I have a lot in common...though people try to have things in common with me (*cough* Chrissa *cough*)
    Aren't glasses great? I actually think they enhance my style. Well, that is, if you do not think that you are too good to wear them. I'm staring at my twin, Sandrine. She wears green contacts; believe me, those aren't her real eyes. Speaking of which, I cannot wait until my mom finds out about them...


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