17 March 2011

I Can't See Russia from My House :(

So I was thinking you might want to know why I am blogging. I'm not a writer like Harper, who writes poems when she's bored. Actually, I'm not really much of a writer at all. Initially, I had a skating contract and they were paying me to blog. No, I didn't admit this because it was in the contract not to. Anyway, I was being paid to blog and wasn't too happy about it. I'm not the type of person to post my personal life online. Still, it became kind-of fun. When my contract expired/I quit skating, I decided to continue the blog because I got used to it. I kind-of enjoy it now.

Anyway... some new developments.
I found this gem in our picture files:

Sam dressed up as Sarah Palin!!! I cannot believe I missed this. On top of being unofficially democrat (am I allowed to say that?*), Sam HATES Sarah Palin. HATES. This could totally be used as blackmail. It's hilarious. Her hair looks kind-of cute that way though, don't you think? She's going to hate me after this as well...

After naming my blog, I decided to go back and listen to Ingrid Michaelson's first CD. My blog is called "Another Island", from her song "Far Away". This is probably my favorite song ever because
  1. It talks about lobsters, lobstermen, etc. And just the ocean in general.
  2. It's basically describes my hometown :)
  3. It captures that whole dream of just wanting to get away from daily life to that perfect life. It's very wistful. That's a feeling I always get about the ocean.
So the title of my blog is supposed to kind-of evoke that wistful feeling, that wish for something better. I'm listening to Ingrid Michaelson's Girls and Boys, and I came across this song. I totally forgot it existed. I wish I had remembered at Christmas. (Christmas was... not exactly enjoyable. My parents decided to invite my ex-boyfriend's family over. Which, okay, is legit because they are our neighbors. But did he really have to bring his new girlfriend?! Don't answer that.) 

It's so bittersweet. I seem to have a thing lately with songs that are really upbeat but when you listen to the lyrics, they're actually kind-of depressing. Not on purpose, I just keep running into them. Like half of A Fine Frenzy's Bomb in a Birdcage, lol. Or "Gonna Get Over You" by Sara Bareilles. But anyway... you know who you are. I think I'm at this point - where "it's alright". Except when you decide to bring your new girlfriend over my house.

Oh wait, now I sound like Joe from Teen Mom 2 with that last comment. Ugh, that boy. I just want to slap him.

*Sam is a princess, so she's not allowed to have an official political position with regards to candidates or parties.


  1. Bonsoir! I'm glad that you decided to blog. I blog to practice my English, and well, talk about my life with those crazy Americans. ;)
    That song does fit you perfectly. My blog is named after Alizée's latest CD, Une Enfant du Siècle. You should check it out. Her sound is different on this CD, but her music is still terrific.
    Sam's hair does look cute. Haha, she makes a nice Sarah Palin.

  2. Salut Cate,

    I've been missing your blog, so I'm glad you are updating again. :) I love your posts about music and whatnot. They really help me discover more American musicians. I mean, I love Alizée just as much as any other French girl, but a variety of music is always good to listen to.


  3. That photo is hilarious!

    We live on an island too (though a large one, a whole province.) We heartily approve of the blog theme!

    The Green Girls

  4. Ah, Green Girls, sorry. I don't actually LIVE on an island, but I do live near a port. I meant more the general culture. I should have specified that ;) Maine has islands though, and I would love to live on one in the future.
    PS: This is Cate, I don't feel like logging in and out.


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