17 March 2011

One More Time with Feeling

Since so many people have gotten blogs on blogger within the past two weeks... I decided to convert. I really love the way wordpress is set up, but it will be easier for people to read my blog on blogger. For now, my old blog is locked. I tried to import the posts into here, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm still trying to figure this out, so bear with me if stuff looks weird. But at least with a fresh start, I don't feel as guilty about not going back to fix dead/moved picture links!

Fresh starts... I needed to change the title of my blog around anyway, because I've already been to Vancouver (YAY!) and I'm no longer skating either competitively or professionally. Just for fun. My main focus these days is the MCAT. Which Kat insists is named after her... hello, CAT, just add an E. ;)

So, new readers, I have some quirks. The main one is I almost always title my blog posts with song lyrics. Sometimes they're obvious, but I love making them have a double meaning. I won't tell you; you can enjoy figuring it out. I like reading, but I'm not a huge writer outside of this blog. My friend Harper likes to tease me that this is very English-major-y of me, though. I'm a lyrics person; what can I say? Another thing is probably half my time on here is spent reviewing music or posting music I like. I hope it is entertaining. I really love music. Music is how I process my life and how I express myself, through skating to it. Or at one point, through Irish dancing. I kind-of got into too many activities and had to drop that one though ;) Maybe in med school. LOL. I don't really play any instruments. Harper wants to teach me how to play piano, but I'm not sure. My favorite artists are Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, A Fine Frenzy, Meiko (mostly her annoying as hell song "Boys with Girlfriends"), Train, Taylor Swift (I HAVE TICKETS TO HER CONCERT!!!!!!!!), The Band Perry and of course Michael Buble. Recently I've been into He is We and Plain White T's, plus I just got Train's newest CD. I also have some CDs from Lady Antebellum that I need to really sit and listen to.

About me... I like skating and sailing and pretty much anything outdoorsy. My favorite colours are green and blue. I've been corrupted by Scotland, but I will always hold my hometown close to my heart. I am obsessed with lobster and I love seafood in general. I'm in this national honor society thing with a bunch of girls, and some of them really try to get on my nerves (cough, Kit-Kat). For awhile, I wasn't really good friends with any of them, but now I am pretty close to Harper and Sam. Kailey is pretty cool too. This summer she wants to teach me how to surf. I don't really make friends easily, but I'm very loyal once I do. I like typing in Georgia. I should be into Helvetica, right? I'm not really a design geek though. Miss B., Harper and Sam's former teacher who now runs the sorority, has friends who are so we get all the jokes. What else... oh, my coach is pretty much my BFF, and her name is Coach OH!. It stands for O'Halleran, but you have to have the "!". I have a love/hate relationship with my fave doctor, Dr. Kolberts, because she likes to do things like take me out of skating right when I'm scheduled to compete. Not that that happened last year with the Olympics, or anything... ;) I'm pretty good at landing myself in the hospital; Harper and I are in constant competition about this. She won 2010. It's on.

Family: I have three older half-brothers from my dad's first marriage; they are all out of college. Actually, the oldest one just got engaged, so this should be fun. My dad is a stay at home dad, and my mom is a GI doctor.

Eh, I was going to post a picture of me and Harper, but I'm feeling lazy. Besides, we just got a ton of new clothes, so I need to change into something more fashionable. Right now, I'm just in lounge clothes, because I couldn't find anything decent to wear.


  1. Salut, Cate!
    MKAT vs MCATE...I can see it now. Anyway, it's nice seeing you on Blogger.
    I love music, too, and should really consider expanding my horizons outside of French pop and Miley Cyrus, but I'm too obsessed.
    I prefer to have a small group of friends, too, though my social circle in France is much bigger. Je ne sais pas, a lot of the girls here are people the people I'd pretend not to know if I saw them in France. ;)
    Oui, do post pictures of your new clothes. I love clothes.

  2. We're glad to see you blogging, Cate. We're following and we look forward to reading more. :-)

    The Green Girls


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