24 September 2011

How I Style My Hair, Part Three: Low Ponytail and Pull-Through Ponytail

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How I Style My Hair, Part Three: Low Ponytail and Pull-Through Ponytail

I think low ponytails are a bit harder to do with my hair, because you don't have as much control. It looks deceptively easy, but you're at more risk of random layers falling out of the ponytail.

For this style, you'll need a brush, water, and a ponytail holder.

Start with your hair brushed back. It helps to kind-of have your hair on the longer side-part side brushed back towards the back of your head. This will keep it from ending up in your eye later.

You'll do this all in one long-ish step. Brush the sides back, gathering your hair at the nape of your neck. On the side with the side part, take care to brush up and away from your face (not just to the side), so that the hair isn't in your eye.

This next step is optional, but might help keep your hair together before you put the ponytail holder in. Twist the hair together gently.

Now put the ponytail holder on.

Like with the high ponytail, brush out the ponytail using some water.

One problem you might encounter with this style is finding your hair in your eye. If this happens, you either a) need to redo the ponytail, taking more care to brush/gather that side of your hair back and away from your face, or b) can try this tip.

Sometimes, an easy fix is to dip your thumb in water, and run it along your hairline, pushing your hair away from your eye.

Ta-da! Low ponytail!

Variation: Use the ballet bun technique from my last post, but start with a low ponytail to get a low bun - a pretty style for fancy events!

The second part of this lesson covers the pull-through ponytail, which is a variation of the low ponytail. Start with a loosely-secured low ponytail.

Using your finger, poke a hole through the hair above the ponytail.

Flip the hair in the ponytail up...

And grab it from below, pulling it all the way through the hole.

Pull the ponytail holder tighter to secure the style. And I'm not sure if this is really GOOD for your hair (I always do it though), but after you do that, you can seperate the ponytail part into two sections and gently pull them apart... this moves the ponytail holder up and it also helps to make the style tighter/come together more. Be careful though, because if you pull too hard it can make the style look weird.

If you have fly-aways, you can sneak in with some water on your finger, especially right above the ponytail holder. This is a common spot for layers fail for me, so don't be surprised if you have to fix some fly-aways here.

Yay! Pretty hairstyle!

Next lesson: side pony

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