13 September 2011


Harper, Sam and I are at my house on break. It was supposed to be relaxing. Instead I opened the door to this...

And a bunch of memories started to flash through my head...

Yup. Dave McClellan. My ex-best-friend. I had hoped never to talk to him again. Unfortunately, he had decided to deliver honey while I was home. Because apparently he's home too.

It's kind-of hard to not be talking to someone when they're your neighbor, even if you're away at school for most of the year. Oh, and when your parents love him. This is why I lied to my dad and told him Dave's mom had dropped off the honey. Because my parents don't get it. Every time I come home, they beg me to call him up and make up. Um, it's not that easy... it's kind-of his fault, anyway. 

I guess I do kind-of see their side, because Dave's parents are my parents' best friends, and it must be weird if your kids aren't talking. We even had to endure Christmas Eve dinner together last year - along with Dave's new girlfriend. Definition of awkward?! And we practically lived at each others' houses growing up. I know I miss his parents, so I think my parents must miss having Dave around.

But still.

Harper and Sam know that whole story, but now they want to go around and spy on Dave and figure out what he's up to. I'd rather not.

Okay, maybe I'm a little curious.

But I DON'T want to embarrass myself. The last thing I need is for Dave to think all I do is go around stalking him and pining after him. I definitely have a life... Oh, and I don't know if he brought Buttercup Violet with him (the girlfriend), and I don't really want to find out.

You can read more here.

And since I'm still on the 30-day song challenge, albeit VERY late, I've got a few more of those too.

Day 03 - A Song that Makes You Happy
This song has been making me feel warm and fuzzy lately. For no reason other than it's really sweet, poppy, and dance-able!

Day 04 - A Song that Makes You Sad
More like bittersweet, but this is one of my new(er) favourites. It's an unreleased song by Taylor Swift, called "We Were Happy". Gotta love the boat imagery ;)
You can listen to it here - since it's unreleased, it's not available for purchase.


  1. Salut, Cate!
    I'm certainly glad I am not on speaking terms with any of my neighbors, but that is my mom's fault. The neighbors have teenagers, and my mom hates teenagers (so basically, she hates her own children...?)Long story, but she confronted their parents a few times. She still can't let it go.
    Anyway, my mother and her issues aside, it sounds like things are very awkward between you and Dave. I would so look for a way out of dinner if I had to endure that. The new girl friend sounds, um, interesting...
    It sounds to me like he's kind-of stalking you, though. But not like serious stalking. It's just kind-of funny that he'd show up at your door when you were home. And randomly. And considering you haven't been talking...je ne sais pas. It just sounds to me like maybe he wants to talk...?

  2. That's interesting Sabine... I don't know, but considering Sam and Harper want to follow him around town, I'm sure I'll find out. Don't tell Sam; she would love for me to have a stalker ;)

    I'm not really sure *I* want to talk to him, though...?


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