04 October 2011

How I Style My Hair, Part Four: Side Pony

For this style, you'll need a hairbrush, ponytail holder, water, and bobby pins/hair grips.

You can do a side ponytail on either side, I just tend to do it on the side with more hair. I think it's easier to control that hair when you aren't moving it around the back of your head. Plus, there are less layers to fall out. (This is normal with side ponytails and you will probaby end up bobby-pinning the back.)

Start with your hair gathered like you are going to put it in a low ponytail.

Then, gently shift the hair over a little to the side.

With your other hand, run your thumb along your hairline to keep it in place (not going in your eye) and use your palm to smooth down the hair from the top/front. You should do this while you are holding onto the hair loosely so you don't lose it, I just took two seperate pictures to show the differnet processes. You can brush your hair during these steps too if you need to.

I feel like that step was a little hard to explain so I hope it makes sense.

Do this in a few small increments until the hair is at the side of the nape of your neck. Secure the ponytail holder around your hair, brush out the ponytail, and you have a side ponytail! (Sorry for the weirdo glare on my forehead. I don't have mold growing on my face, honestly...)

Oh wait...

If you look in the back, there might already be some hair falling out. Because of the layers, not all of your hair is going to reach around to the side. THIS IS NORMAL. You can see a little bit starting to come out in mine; the longer you leave it in or the more you do while wearing this hairstyle, the more likely you are to have some layers fall out. I had just finished doing the style in this picture.

Using a little water to help you hold the hair in place, bobby-pin it to your head. (My bobby pin is sparkly if you can't find it in the picture, lol.)

You can even slide the bobby pin(s) under the longer layers so you can barely see it.

It might be a good idea to carry around an extra bobby pin or two while wearing this style to do some touch-ups if you need to. Even Colleen does that, and she's a human.

**Also!! I don't have pictures, but you can apply the same technique for moving hair to the side with a high ponytail to do a high side ponytail. I think the low version is a little trickier, so that's why I chose to focus on that.**

Next lesson: half-pony

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