10 December 2011

How I Style My Hair, Part Five: Half-Pony

For this style, you'll need a brush, water, and something to pull your hair back with. For this style, you can use a ponytail holder, barrette, clip, or bobby pins. Any of them will work, so it's up to you how you want to accessorize.

First, use the method described in Part One: Basics and High Ponytail to brush back the top half of your hair, like you were going to do a high ponytail, and hold onto the hair you have brushed back.

Brush hair from the sides to add it to the hair you are holding.

You should now be holding onto about this much hair:

All you need to do to finish the half-ponytail is to use whatever hair accessory you want to secure it. My tip is to twist the hair a bit, so that it stays together while you put the accessory in. I showed it with both a ponytail holder and a clip. If you want to use bobby pins, I usually use 2-3, and insert them from both sides so that I catch all of the hair.

Here is the style from the back:

And the front:

Variation 1: Gather the rest of your hair with the hair from the half-pony into a low ponytail for a cute style.

Variation 2: Make a "pouf". When you are twisting the hair you gathered for the half-pony, gently push it up a little bit before you secure it with a hair accessory. I think a clip works best to keep the hair in place for a pouf. (I will be doing a separate post later on another method of doing a pouf.)

Next lesson - Braiding

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